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Dryers, irons and clotheslines

A steam plant is faster and more efficient than a traditional iron. But you still need to know how to choose it. Between pressurized power plants, which have limited autonomy, and those with unlimited autonomy, there are different characteristics to consider when making your choice. On At-home online store, you have access to the biggest brands but also to an exceptional quality/price ratio. What is a pressurized steam plant?It is also called a limited autonomy boiler because it works with a pressure vessel. It is easy to use because you just have to fill the tank with water and then close the tank. The water heats and feeds the iron. Since the tank is under pressure, it is not possible to fill it during use. It must be completely emptied, the power station turned off and cooled down. This is why we talk about limited autonomy. The heating time is more or less long depending on the model.What is a steam plant with unlimited autonomy?When the power station has an unlimited autonomy, it corresponds to an appliance with a tank that is connected to a vessel. It is this tank which is under pressure. This makes it possible to have a power station which heats quickly. It is a pump that directs the water to the tank. The water is heated, pressurized and the steam is sent directly to the iron. The tank can be removable, which makes it easier to fill it during the ironing process. Tap water can be added at any time.Which characteristics should be taken into account?To choose your steam unit, you must take into account the soleplate, which can be made of stainless steel, ceramic, aluminium, etc... It will affect the weight of the appliance and the efficiency of the ironing. The weight is another important factor. If the unit has to be moved regularly, it is better to use a light model. The steam flow is also important. It can be adjusted automatically or manually, increased or reduced. A "pressing" or "excess steam" function can be useful for difficult areas, as can vertical creasing. Tank capacity or autonomy is to be studied. A large tank is not necessarily synonymous with long autonomy. It all depends on the steam flow. Finally, the start-up time can be a criterion of choice. It varies from a few seconds to more than ten minutes. Some models are secured by a standby mode.The iron is an ironing device that removes wrinkles and creases from all types of clothes. Equipped with a tank filled with water, it releases steam as it passes. Indeed, during use, the water contained in the tank passes into the steam chamber, is heated and then transformed into steam. It is this steam that allows the fibres of the textiles to be smoothed out. At-home offers you a complete range of powerful and robust ironing machines. Practical and easy to use electric appliance, the cordless iron offers optimal freedom of movement during ironing. Compact and quickly ready to use, it allows you to iron your clothes without difficulty and wherever you use it. Thanks to its charging base, you have sufficient autonomy for efficient ironing. At-home offers you a complete range of high-performance and robust wireless models to facilitate the ironing of your clothes on a daily basis. Among the most popular household appliances, At-home offers you a complete range of high-performance and robust wireless models to make ironing your laundry easier every day. At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo , the cheap professional iron turns the chore of ironing into a piece of cake. With a power varying between 1500 W and 3,000 W, it has various modes of use, including steam ironing or vertical ironing. Its non-stick soleplate ensures optimal glide on all fabrics. Opt for At-home express delivery before confirming your purchase of a professional iron. For impeccably ironed outfits even on the move, At-home online store in Malta suggests the cheap travel iron! Benefiting from a compact size and a foldable handle, it slips easily into your travel bag or suitcase. To be used with or without steam, it has a bi-voltage system that adapts to the plugs of the country you are in. At-home online shop in Malta recommends that you opt for a device treated against limescale before finalizing your purchase of a travel iron.

Dryers, irons and clotheslines

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