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Glasses, cups and jugs

Water glass deserves to be carefully chosen to match not only your personality, but also your interior design. So, if you want to bring your tableware up to date, browse the pages dedicated to tableware on At-home online store find models that are both stylish and trendy. Reference brands are waiting for you. You'll be surprised by the exceptional value for money offered by the items on offer.Wine is rooted in our culture. Synonymous with the art of living and conviviality, it is a pleasant accompaniment to a meal or an aperitif. To bring out its aromas and colour, choosing the right glass is essential. To serve it, the arts of the table have imagined different wine glasses to serve red wines, whites or champagnes. How to find one's way through all these shapes without making a mistake to serve a good bottle? The range is wide, but finding your way around is not so complicated. Beer experienced its greatest phase of development in the Middle Ages, even though it was already mentioned in later writings. Today, this alcoholic beverage, which holds a good place in the hearts of the Maltese, is subject (by purists) to strict tasting rules and must be served in a suitable beer glass. To help you find the ones that suit you best, At-home has concocted a selection of glasses at unbeatable prices! In the evening, you like to impress your friends with your tasty cocktails. You have a shaker for successful mixes, but do you have cocktail glasses for optimal tasting? At-home offers you a whole range of cheap cocktail glasses to sublimate your creations. It is delicious to enjoy a cocktail in moderation during an evening. A drink with an original name and special flavours, it immediately gives the night a festive air. However, for the effect to be complete, the recipe must be successful and the presentation attractive. A cocktail glass is an integral part of this presentation, with the punchy colour of the drink, its frothy appearance and its small toothpick decorated with a fruit or a sweet. At-home offers you a wide range of cheap cocktail glasses to accommodate all your creations. Find easily the classic Martini glass, the Margarita glass, the pool glass or the cup for a high perched cocktail. Buy a tumbler, fireplace, sling or mug for long drink cocktails such as bloody mary, mojito or half peach. Invest in a shot glass service for mini-cocktails. Whatever your speciality, At-home will offer you cocktail or long drink glasses adapted to your recipes. You can purchase these items individually or in services. And you dear customers, what will you fall for? whisky glasses, whisky + glass, whisky glass! This last shape is ideal if you plan to enjoy your drinks as a duo or in a group, or if you want to make an original and festive gift. At-home online store in Malta and Gozo offers you all its products at low prices and in different brands: Luminarc, Fusion, etc. Take advantage, for your cocktail glasses, of At-home's low prices, advice and shopping guides. Your parties will be all the more successful.

Glasses, cups and jugs

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