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You want to buy cooking accessories without breaking the bank, come and find the best deals on At-home online store in Malta! From cake moulds to oven dishes, At-home online in Malta and Gozo is the perfect place for all aspiring chefs to finally get 100% equipped. After having meticulously prepared your small dishes, the fateful moment of cooking has arrived! This stage is a determining factor in the success of your dish, so much so that you should not neglect it! By using the right oven dishes, you already minimize the risk of missing your dish. Shape of the oven dish, type of material, compatibility with appliances and types of cooking: all top cooks will tell you time and again that choosing the right oven dish for your recipe is really essential. But don't forget that a meal without a good dessert is like a birthday without a cake! To prepare all sorts of delicious pastries to enjoy with friends or family, cake pans are essential. Here again, each dessert has its own mould and baking. Among all our moulds, you'll find fluted moulds, brioche moulds, cake moulds, pie moulds, mini moulds, missed moulds: in short, the complete range of accessories to be able to concoct any dessert unexpectedly


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