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Whether for office, multimedia or gaming use, the PC screens sold on At-home online store in Malta and Gozo  will allow you to perform all the tasks you want. There are various criteria to take into account when purchasing a PC screen from At-home, including screen size and resolution. You will have a choice between several brands such as Iiyama, Samsung, Msi, Benq, AOC, Viewsonic or even HP, Dell and Acer. What will you choose between a 4K PC monitor, a curved PC monitor, or a 27-inch PC monitor?With a 4K PC monitor, the display of videos and games enters a new dimension. The colours and animations are stunningly realistic. The user experience is more immersive than ever. If you're into eSport, don't hesitate to opt for a screen designed for gaming. The more basic models already offer great performance. You can display your photos or videos in the best possible way. At-home offers 4K PC monitors from leading brands such as Acer, MSI, Dell, HP, Iiyama and Sony. Displaying surprising lines at first glance, the curved PC screens stand out from traditional flat screens by their curvature and their atypical physiognomy. Appearing on the market at the beginning of 2010, they have quickly established themselves on the desktops of gamers who appreciate their many qualities and thus benefit from an improved gaming experience. On At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo , you will find numerous references from major brands, curved screens sold alone or in packs. Adjustable viewing angles, LED backlighting and the full HD display of the inexpensive graphics screen allow you to enjoy these feats. Validate your purchase of a graphic screen in just a few clicks on At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo to take advantage of other features. Visit At-home online store in Malta now to discover the precursors of the 21:9 resolution. LG, Acer or Lenovo, the iconic brands in the field of electronics use their know-how to present you the 21/9th screens available at competitive prices from the Maltese e-commerce giant. With its sleek design and elongated profile, the inexpensive 21/9th screen sold on At-home is perfect for office applications as well as multimedia applications and online games. Very wide, the 21:9 screens available at a mini price on At-home allow you to manage a plurality of data simultaneously without having to activate window overlay or multi-screen. With an immersive experience and a spacious work surface, the 21:9 screens inspired by the cinemascope format listed at a competitive price by the leader in online sales in Malta are ultra-light. The 21:9 screens referenced in At-home's online catalogue allow players to open and view multiple tables and windows and store more data in real time. Offering you clear and sharp images, the 21:9 screens offered by At-home promise a good viewing angle, natural colours and homogeneous brightness. And you, our customers, what will you choose?


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