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Are you looking for the full range of the real cook? Spatula, ladle, spoon, whisk: come and discover all our kitchen utensils at discount prices! Start cooking like a chef now and in all simplicity, using our practical and indispensable kitchen accessories! The kitchen utensils have been made to simplify your culinary preparations as much as possible. Our kitchen utensils are therefore solid, of good quality and very easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher, to give even the most hurried cooks a helping hand. Beat the eggs with a whisk, stir the vegetables with a spoon, turn the meat with a spatula, mix the salad with tongs, serve the soup with a ladle: with all these equally useful kitchen utensils, handle your ingredients with ease so that all your delicious dishes become a real pleasure to prepare. To set a trendy table and impress your guests, don't hesitate to get an electric spice mill or even a bright salt or pepper shaker. Atmosphere guaranteed. At-home, No. 1 online shop in Malta and Gozo! Take advantage of our expertise and the quality of our services on your purchases of cooking utensils, at the best prices on the web: For your purchase of cooking utensils, At-home does everything possible to offer you every day the best cooking utensils from major brands at the lowest price! At-home online shop in Malta, it's an unbeatable price, but also a quality customer service. Whether you are looking for cookware, a frying pan, a pressure cooker or a crepe maker, At-home offers you the choice, the price, the service, and the advice. Discover the comfort of buying online: clear and complete product sheets, multiple views of your cooking utensil in high definition, buying guides, you are sure to have all the keys in hand so you don't make a mistake. At-home online store in Malta and Gozo, purchase and delivery 100% safe!


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