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 Lunch boxes, food containers and salad bowls online shop Malta - At-home

Lunch boxes, food containers and salad bowls

Healthy and ecological, the isothermal lunch box goes everywhere with you. Healthy lunch at the office, zero waste picnic with the kids, sandwiches and drinks for a day at the beach, keep all your food and liquids warm or cool for several hours, for optimal nutritional preservation. The good taste of homemade food from starter to dessert is possible with the lunch box and lunch box sets, with separate tiers or compartments, equipped with cutlery and reusable cups. For the third time this week, you are forced to throw away spoiled food stored in your refrigerator. Each time, you put a leftover food on a plate and put it in the fridge. You think you'll take it out in the next few days and forget about it. So what's left over for dinner? You don't feel like a sandwich because you've already had a panini for lunch. Perhaps the solution would be to buy food boxes to store and transport your meals? You will find what you need on At-home online store in Malta and Gozo !

Lunch boxes, food containers and salad bowls

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