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Sandwich toasters

A great classic of gastronomy, the croque-monsieur requires a specific appliance for its cooking. Indeed, the croque-monsieur appliance remains the simplest and most efficient way to cook this delicious sandwich. Totally in the air of time, this tool is modernising and offers the possibility to cook other recipes such as waffles, pancakes or even grilled meats. At-home online store offers you a complete range of quality cooking appliances that will allow you to make delicious croque-monsieurs. To treat your friends or customers without making them wait too long, bet on performance! Combining robustness and practicality, the cheap panini toaster sold at At-home adapts to the needs of restaurateurs and individuals. Don't miss your sandwiches anymore thanks to this device. Integrating various capacities and powers, it offers you the ideal cooking for each dish. For maximum savings, register your purchase of a panini toaster on At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo during the current sales .

Sandwich toasters

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