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Whether used daily or not, the juicer is an essential tool in our kitchens. Practical, it allows you to enjoy delicious fruit juices while saving time. But to be satisfied in the long term, it is better to choose it according to your tastes and needs! Equipped with a tank, a handle, different capacities or with a particularly elegant design, the electric juicer can really take 1001 faces and is available in as many models!To comfortably prepare your fresh orange or lemon juices without waking up the whole household, make a silent juicer purchase on At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo. Depending on the quantity of juice you need, you'll find a wide range of silent juicers in the Home Appliances section with various capacities and shapes. Equipped with a powerful and silent motor, these references allow you to prepare your fruit juices quickly and easily, while remaining gentle. Thanks to the non-slip feet, they enjoy excellent stability. With a spout with an anti-drip system, the cheap and silent juicer visible on At-home 's online store avoids splashes.In order to choose the right model, one can pay attention to its filters. Used to recover the pulp, they can be more or less wide. The presence of a pressing handle, to hold the citrus fruit during the operation, can also be a significant plus. Non-slip feet or an anti-drip system will also be appreciated. For even more practicality, we obviously prefer a model whose various elements are compatible with the dishwasher.


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