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Stoves and hobs

Do you want to buy a new hob on At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo ? The first thing to consider when buying a hob is the type of hob that suits your needs. You can choose from induction, glass ceramic, gas, electric or combination hobs. See our buying guide: How to choose your cooktop. Depending on the size of your worktop, you will choose a 2-burner hob, or up to 5 burners. The standard size (4 burners) is usually 60 cm. Last step, compare the products according to their options and coverings. On At-home online store in Malta you can find a large choice of hob : choose your product , buy it, and wait your delivery in Malta. The stove has evolved with the technical progress made by appliance manufacturers. Do not hesitate to consult our purchasing guide to help you make your choice. It includes both an oven and a hob equipped with several burners. You have the choice of energy for your cooking material and equipment. They run on gas or electricity and some models mix the two energies. An excellent way to combine the qualities of both heating modes. Available in different widths to fit any kitchen. Only on !

Stoves and hobs

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