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A biking or spinning bike is ideal for building stamina and staying in shape. You can train every day at your own pace, regardless of the weather. More physically demanding than the exercise bike, the biking bike is appreciated by athletes who find similar sensations to road cycling. If you have already tried this activity in a gym, check out the many offers on At-home online store in Malta and Gozo to continue your training at home.  

What is a spin bike?

This type of bike, also known as a spinning bike, is for people who want to practice cycling on the road, without leaving their homes. The main difference with a classic exercise bike is that the biking bike usually has a fixed gear. It is therefore not possible to remain in freewheel. On the other hand, this device allows back-pedaling, which has the effect of soliciting the entire muscle mass. You've got it: biking is like an exercise bike, only sportier.

How to choose a spin bike?

The choice of model depends on your level of fitness and your goals. The weight of the flywheel determines the power, fluidity and stability of pedaling. A 13 kg wheel is suitable for occasional use. If you are a seasoned athlete, don't hesitate to aim higher with, for example, an 18 kg wheel. Models with friction braking offer good sensations. Belt-driven machines are quieter than chain-driven models. They do not need to be greased. Models that allow you to adjust the distance between the saddle, handlebars and pedals offer optimal ergonomics.

The exercise bike is a great way to build muscle, lose weight, slim and tone sensitive areas like the buttocks and thighs, and improve cardiovascular health. Have you decided to get back into sports or diversify your practice? At-homemet offers a wide range of exercise bikes selected for their excellent value for money. Whether you are looking for a folding exercise bike, a semi-recumbent bike or a mini exercise bike, you will find the model you are looking for to keep in shape in our catalog! You will be able to choose the product that best meets your expectations in just a few clicks. 

Why should you ride an exercise bike?

Cycling is a complete sport that has many health benefits. It improves the cardiovascular system and endurance, boosts blood circulation, burns calories and therefore helps you lose weight, relaxes tension and builds deep muscle in the legs and buttocks, but also in the arms, back and abdominal muscles. However, it is not always possible to practice it outdoors. If this is your case, don't hesitate to turn to exercise bikes that allow you to enjoy all these benefits without leaving your home.

What criteria should you consider when choosing an exercise bike?

There are several criteria that will help you make your choice. First of all, the frequency of use and the goals you wish to achieve. For occasional use, a model with simple programs will suffice. For more regular use and to lose weight, opt for a bike with more diversified programs. And for intensive use, choose a robust product that offers more advanced support (coaching solutions, heart rate monitoring, etc.). The fluidity of pedaling is also important because your comfort of use will depend on it. Finally, some models are equipped with wheels, which allows for greater maneuverability.

The treadmill is a very popular fitness device. It allows you to jog without leaving your home and in any weather. Very useful for keeping in shape, it works a large part of the muscles of the body. It can also be used to lose weight or develop cardiovascular capacities. With its motivating programs, training at home becomes a real pleasure. Our wide selection of folding treadmills will allow you to train at home in the smallest of spaces. At-home offers you a complete range of treadmills to help you choose the ideal model for your running sessions. 

What does a treadmill look like?

Your fitness equipment has a tread that is suitable for running. This treadmill is large enough to allow you to safely perform your strides. It has a cushioning system to reduce impact on your back and joints. The device is also equipped with a more or less powerful motor depending on the running speed available. Finally, a console displays the data of your sports sessions (speed, running time, distance covered, calories burned, etc.) and allows you to follow training programs.

How to choose your treadmill?

It is recommended that you choose your fitness equipment according to your objectives and the type of use you plan to make of it. For example, the surface of the treadmill should be at least 120 centimeters long unless you plan to use it for slow paced activities such as walking or slow jogging. For width, a treadmill with a minimum of 40 centimeters offers better comfort. As for the motor, it should be powerful enough to adapt to your running speed. For walking or slow jogging, 1.5 horsepower is sufficient. For jogging at 7 to 10 km/h, you should choose a power of 2 to 2.5 HP. Finally, for running and intensive practice, a power higher than 2.5 HP is preferable.

What speed for a treadmill?

The maximum speed is one of the essential criteria to consider when choosing your fitness equipment. It is advisable to choose a model with a maximum speed higher than your average speed. The choice of this equipment will help you to progress in your sport practice. Depending on the model, the maximum speed can range from 16 to 22 km/h. In addition to the speed, the treadmill's incline system is a real plus for varying your sports routes and burning more calories while running uphill!

Fitness and Exercise Equipment

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