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Barbecues and Accessories

The cheap charcoal barbecue sold on At-home online store in Malta has everything good thanks to its equipment and technologies. Of various sizes adapted to family grills, it is fuelled by charcoal, bringing an authentic smoky taste to food. Visit the webshop to find barbecues with a cast iron or stainless steel bowl and vertical barbecues to make delicious kebabs. Don't miss the exceptional discounts offered by At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo when you validate your charcoal barbecue purchase. Innovative and modern in style, the At-home online shop charcoal grill is a cheap charcoal ball barbecue with optimum performance. Caramelize, smoke or grill fish in papillote, roast pork or seafood skewers, different recipes are possible. Available with a chromed steel cooking grid, it also offers the possibility to choose between indirect or direct cooking depending on the preparations. Validate your charcoal ball barbecue purchase via At-home's reliable interface. The Weber brand is renowned for its quality and know-how in the manufacture of charcoal barbecues. It has made a name for itself with an emblematic model with a spherical lid. For the first time, thanks to the ingenuity of its founder, barbecuing could be carried out in a smothered state. For those who love to grill, the brand has multiplied the models with numerous functions. Which one best suits your needs and will reveal your cooking talents? We'll give you a few ideas. Do you want the best for your grilling? The Weber company has become an undisputed leader in this field. Its founder developed the model with lid that has made its reputation. Since then, it has developed complete ranges including the Weber gas barbecue. What are its advantages and what type of model do you turn to when you want to treat your friends to perfectly cooked skewers? Materials, size and cooking options are parameters that will guide your choice. Summer evenings are here and you want to enjoy your balcony or garden for grilling evenings. You've decided to buy a gas barbecue, but you're wondering which model will be on your lawn. Why not let yourself be tempted by a Weber gas barbecue? It all depends on your size and your ambitions as a cook. Anything is possible, from a basic model to one with many options. Size, materials, cooking options are all elements that need to be defined before buying it and enjoying your first grills. Amaze your guests and surprise their taste buds by betting on the plancha? Are you hesitating between a gas plancha and an electric plancha? To make sure you make the right choice, find out how to choose your griddle. No need for fat or special culinary talent thanks to this appliance with several cooking methods! With smooth or grooved plates, it guarantees a healthy and varied diet and ingredients that are always cooked to perfection. Choose the XXL appliances for up to ten people. Opt for the express delivery of At-home online shop in Malta by validating your purchase planchaAre you a fan of grilling and eating outdoors? Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the electric griddle guarantees that food is cooked evenly and at the right temperature. Its stainless steel or steel plate allows you to preserve the flavour of fish, meat or vegetables. At-home table-top or trolley-mounted griddles are also practical for cooking different dishes at the same time. Eggs, fruit brochettes, delicately grilled sausages... It's up to you to choose the recipes that will delight your guests! Sweet or savoury? Don't choose anymore thanks to the 2 cooking surfaces of the cheap stainless steel electric griddle sold at At-home. Take advantage of a flat surface, ideal for cooking food in its marinade, or a sloping and grooved plate for fat-free grilling. It also features a removable drip tray, detachable power cable or safety handles. Opt for the express delivery of At-home online store in Malta when finalizing your purchase of stainless steel electric griddle. 

Barbecues and Accessories

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