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Vibrating Belts and Electrostimulators

Do you want to build muscle and slim down your figure effortlessly? Opt for an electrostimulator. This sport device is very complete. It helps you relax, unwind and tone all your muscles. It improves your physical endurance while rapidly developing your muscle mass. Some very advanced models even allow you to stimulate your blood circulation. Discover the selection of the best electrostimulation devices available on At-home online store in Malta and Gozo at very competitive prices. 

Do you want to get a flat stomach without having to do endless abdominal workouts? The electrostimulation belt is the solution. It is indeed a device accessible to all and allows you to strengthen your abs while doing something else at the same time. Moreover, it is designed for both men and women and, if combined with a diet and a little physical exercise, it promotes weight loss. At-home online shop offers a wide range of high performance models. Don't hesitate to consult our buying guide to choose your electrostimulation device!

How does an electrostimulation belt work?

The device is specially designed to wrap around the abdominal area of your body and generate electrical impulses that allow the muscles to contract. The current is delivered by electrodes that are placed on the skin. The intensity of the stimulation is adjustable, allowing you to adapt it to your needs. The belt can also improve your cardio-respiratory faculties and your sports performance. It can also relieve certain pains, facilitate muscle rehabilitation and improve your body aesthetics. Its function depends on the electrostimulators with which it is equipped: TENS or NMES.

Who can use an electrostimulation belt?

This type of belt can be used by most people. However, there are certain pathologies that make its use inadvisable, such as epilepsy, heart conditions, implants, multiple sclerosis, etc. In any case, always take the time to carefully read the conditions of use of the device and do not hesitate to speak to your doctor if you have the slightest doubt. Finally, avoid placing the electrodes of the device on a mole, a scar or a wound to prevent the risk of irritation.

How can I increase the effectiveness of an electrostimulation belt?

For the device to be as effective as possible, it is advisable to use it regularly, between 2 and 6 times a week. The number of weekly sessions depends on your physical condition, the program used and your level of experience in electrostimulation. As for the duration of the session, most devices have a recommended time that will guarantee efficiency and safety. For the results to begin to show, it is necessary to count on approximately 4 weeks of use. Your abdominal muscles will then be more sheathed and firmer. Keep in mind that the more regularly you use your belt, the more visible the results will be.

Optimize the healing of certain injuries and facilitate your general physical preparations with the electrostimulation device on sale on At-home in Malta and Gozo. The giant of e-commerce in Malta provides you with many privileges for any acquisition of equipment and accessories dedicated to sportsmen, starting with the secure payment. Several types of electro-stimulation devices with electrodes are available in the vast collection of At-home to offer you a multitude of choices when making your selection. With the cheap electrode electrostimulation device sold on At-home, you will have the chance to select the type of work according to your needs, whether it is a massage, a rehabilitation or a fitness, muscle building or pain relief session. In addition, the At-home electro-stimulation device can be used anywhere and at any time of the day. And you, dear customers, what would you like? By reading the comments left by the customers of the Maltese leader in online sales, you will discover that the electro-stimulation devices available are appreciated for their ease of use, their lightness and their robustness. The buying guides established by At-home professionals are posted online to guide you in your purchase of electro-stimulation devices. At-home suggests you its reliable and fast delivery service allowing you to receive your order of electrostimulation device in no time, directly at home.

Vibrating Belts and Electrostimulators

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