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The processor is the real brain of the computer, capable of handling hundreds of requests, formulas and calculations. Also known as a CPU (Central Processing Unit), it operates at a certain frequency and can contain several cores. Newer models are equipped with a small graphics chip capable of supporting the display without the need for a dedicated graphics card. To help you find the right model for your computer, At-home online store in Malta and Gozo offers a complete range of processors. At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo offers you the benefit of an unprecedented upgrade by introducing you to the inexpensive Intel socket processor. Ultra high performance, it has no less than 18 cores! Powerful, this electronic chip offers phenomenal fluidity to your computer system. Process, compress and transfer all your data, watch your favourite films and become the master of video games in no time! The flash sales organised at At-home in Malta will ensure that you buy a smart Intel socket processor.Ensure the efficiency of your computer by equipping it with technological components that will optimise its performance every time you use it. Go to the At-home online catalogue where you will find other cheap Intel sockets that will help you improve your computer's system. Thanks to the other Intel sockets on sale on the pages of the Maltese e-commerce giant, the motherboard of your device will be even more powerful and will be able to run at full speed. A real computer brain, the processor suggested by the Maltese e-commerce leader completes your computer and ensures optimal performance whatever your activities. And you, dear customers, what will you choose? intel socket! Contact an advisor from Malta's No. 1 e-commerce site for more information about your purchase other Intel socketsAdvanced Micro Devices is the name of the most popular processor manufacturer at the moment. Discover AMD's most powerful CPUs on At-home online store in Malta and Gozo and be surprised at the exceptional value for money that awaits you. For a cheap product, you'll be at the forefront of performance whether you're a gamer or a creator working in intensive multitasking. AMD Ryzen CPUs are the perfect choice for you. New, they are based on the Zen architecture.


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