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Kitchen Equipment

What type of hood should you install in your kitchen to extract, filter and evacuate odours or grease produced during cooking? Depending on your layout, it can be an island hood, a decorative wall-mounted hood or a built-in model. The choice will be determined according to the airflow, the sound level, the dimensions of the cooktop, the worktop and the evacuation method. If design is the most important thing for you, this concern for aesthetics must be reflected in every detail of your home. To evacuate kitchen fumes, why settle for a basic model when there are decorative hoods that are as beautiful as they are functional? This accessory enhances your kitchen while offering real comfort on a daily basis. At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo offers a selection of decorative hoods designed by specialists such as Siemens, Whirlpool, Elica, Brandt or Continental Edison.Which built-in sink to choose for a kitchen?The most common models include one or two bowls with a drainer and possibly an elbow drain, a bung and a tap. If you do all your dishes by hand and have enough space, the double model will allow you to wash salad and vegetables while rinsing your utensils, or to soak inlaid pots and dishes. Check to see if the drain diameter is compatible with your piping system. For small kitchens, the all-in-one pack with fittings and connections offers an attractive price/performance ratio.How do I maintain a resin or stainless steel sink?Black resin is very trendy and will bleach with each use. With a soft sponge, you can restore its shine by using a dash of washing-up liquid, diluted white vinegar or a non-abrasive cleaning product. As a final touch, turpentine protects the resin from limescale and revives its colour. Stainless steel is very easy to maintain. Lemon, soap, baking soda or vinegar will come to the end of stubborn stains. On At-home online store in Malta and Gozo, you will find a choice of robust and easy-to-clean quality sanitary facilities to enjoy your kitchen all year round.

Kitchen Equipment

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