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To evacuate smoke and cooking fumes and limit grease deposits on your work surface, get an extractor hood at At-home at a low price. You will find at the French e-commerce giant, a wide range of cooker hoods. The cheap box hoods sold at At-home are appreciated for their large extraction surface. With their elegant and discreet design, the box hoods seen at At-home blend naturally into all kitchen styles. The extraction speed of the At-home box hood can be adjusted to suit your needs at a reduced price. Apart from the technical constraints linked to the size of the kitchen or the nature of the accommodation, the cooking method is also a criterion to be taken into account when you buy a box hood from At-home. The advisers of the leader in online sales in France will be happy to advise you on the type of cooker hood adapted to your needs. And you, dear customers, what will you choose? Triangular box hood! Extraction power, noise level and extraction system are among the details provided in the technical data sheet mailed with the box hood you are interested in at At-home.An impressive range of extractor hoods is available at At-home at attractive prices to keep your kitchen clean. The cheap half-moon hoods on sale on At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo will ideally find their place above your hotplates. Your purchase of an At-home online shop in Malta half-moon hood is perfect for eliminating cooking fumes and odours. Whether your choice is for a half moon hood with evacuation or recycling, you will certainly find what you are looking for at the French e-commerce giant. Countless half-moon hoods visible on At-home online store offer two ventilation systems, recycling and exhaust, for the most demanding. The half-moon hood selected by At-home's experienced team is equipped with dishwasher-safe grease filters. Thanks to its low noise level, the half-round hood sold on At-home is efficient yet discreet. With its clean lines and stainless steel design, each At-home half-moon hood, available at a low price, naturally blends in with the kitchen's decoration. And you, dear customers, what do you want to do?! In order to satisfy your expectations, At-home online store in Malta and Gozo has teamed up with brands known for the meticulous finish and performance of their half-round hoods such as Hudson, Whirlpool or Brandt.To prepare delicious dishes in your kitchen without being invaded by smoke, nothing beats the installation of an extractor hood. This practical equipment sucks in and evacuates odours, cooking steam and grease deposits. It also purifies the ambient air by eliminating the smoke emanating from the cooking of your food. On At-home online shop in Malta and Gozo, you will find a variety of high-performance and attractive pyramid hoods. These quality appliances are made by Bosch, Whirlpool or Klarstein.Are you planning to install a hood over your cooking plates during construction or renovation work? Discover without delay the latest At-home products. At-home's decorative stainless steel and glass wall-mounted cooker hoods add a designer touch to your kitchen. The inexpensive stainless steel and glass hoods on sale at At-home work by evacuation and recycling. The stainless steel and glass hoods selected with care by the At-home team effectively remove cooking odours and grease to preserve the healthy air and cleanliness of your kitchen. Apart from their meticulous finish and clean lines, the stainless steel hoods with glass tops present at At-home are appreciated for their suction power. The glass top of the decorative stainless steel hood seen at the giant online store in France keeps the fumes trapped to prevent them from flying to the ceiling. Each stainless steel glass hood seen on At-home store in Malta and Gozois equipped with a powerful motor and quality filters. Aesthetic, the stainless steel hood with glass top sold on At-home is perfectly positioned above your island. And you dear customers, what are you looking for?


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